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cell string lay up system

   Normal sequencing velocity : 1 string/28sc. (including complete crystal string inspection).
   Sequencing accuracy (via 500 mega-pixel visual scanning system): ±0.4mm
 The robot has the functions to interrupt the operations in case of malfunction and to restore the operations; safety protective rails are provided.
 Visual system judges on defects in the event that any damage over 1mm2 has occurred in the edge of crystal string.
 Visual system judges on NG in case of an out of tolerance (≥0.5mm) in the clearance between the crystal strings.
 Visual system judges on NG in case of an out of tolerance (≥0.5mm) in the dislocation between the conductive band and the welding line.
 Accuracy rate of defect inspection by visual system: ≥98%.
 Maximal charging and discharging velocity: 800mm/s; positioning accuracy of the system≤±0.5mm
 If the automatic stringer delivers a crystal string every minute and the sequencing system works properly, the Sequencing Machine can produce a PV panel per 200 sec.
 Operating radius of robot: 2.4m (optional).

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