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Electronic &Light Industry

IMS works within all kind of innovations and development of production machinery and turn key solutions. To mention a few areas - machines for Photo voltaic industry, food machines, medical tools, medical liquid filling machines, automatic verifications machines, automatic test units, robot and vision solutions.

In all the mentioned areas we have full attention and focus on the production costs, from start to the end of the project.

By using a specialized network of suppliers with deep roots in European, Chinese and Japanese machine building industry, IMS has the best opportunity to develop and produce machines adjusted to the client’s needs. In return, the customer gets a machine or a solution with high quality, efficiency and user friendly operation.

We help ideas meet the real world

Custom-built machines

IMS offers you assistance in integrated production of custom-build machines. We work close together with the client and make sure that ideas “meet the real world to the right time”.

  • Electronic &Light Industry Product View:

    • ☆  Grinding machine    --Detail>>
    • ☆  After the detection of the COB bonding    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Sassafras board machine    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Point silicone machine    --Detail>>
    • ☆  COG folder PIN machine    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Automatic bit twisted feet machine    --Detail>>
    • ☆  COB Dispenser    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Pressure plastic parts tooling    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Pressure slippery silk cover servo    --Detail>>
    • ☆  The handlebar bend measured angle fixture    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Cap buckle Washers    --Detail>>
    • ☆  The tool of top open wire    --Detail>>
    • ☆  twisting machine    --Detail>>
    • ☆  U-shaped indentation fixture    --Detail>>
    • ☆  automatic weighing units    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Welding Mirrors 2    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Wire Station    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Wire Cutter    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Welding Performance    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Test Station    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Test & Assembly Plants    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Special Robot Gripper    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Screw maschine    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Sampling Station    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Operator Display    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Mountion Station 1    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Mounting Station 1    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Inject Printing    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Connector system    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Assembly Robot    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Assembly plants    --Detail>>


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