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Auto Stringers G2

 Type of compatible battery cell: poly-silicon /mono-crystal silicon
 Size of compatible battery cell: 125x125,156x156
 Thickness of compatible battery cell: 170um~240um
 Clearance for welding BUS in the compatible battery cell: 44mm~105mm
 Number of compatible welding strips: 2 welding strips and 3 welding strips.
 Width of welding strips: 1.5mm and 2mm, requiring replacement of jigs by hand.
 Cladding material of compatible welding strip: 15um~40um
 Max. cutting length of welding strip: 350mm
 Capacity: 1200pieces/hour
 Fragment rate: <0.2%
 Tolerance clearance between two battery cells: ≤±0.4mm
 Dislocation between welding strip and welded BUS≤0.3mm
 Straightness in central line of crystal strings≤±0.5mm
 At least 50 processing programs can be stored in the control system
 The HMI is provided with two changeable language versions, namely Chinese and English and is designed in visualized icons. (Optional)

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