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Electronic &Light Industry > U-shaped indentation fixture

U-shaped indentation fixture

Technical Specifications:
U-piece pressed into the process time :10-15 seconds (excluding manual insertion and removal of the time);
Implementing agencies: AIRTAC cylinder, gas supply: 6bar;
3, the electrical control system: PLC touch screen and buttons using the Schneider brand.
Equipment workflow:
1, turn on the power;
2, 1 and 2 materials were placed in positioning blocks 1 and 2, pay attention to the material to be affixed to the positioning block level;
3, aluminum tube 3 placed in the positioning above the pin holes on the aluminum tubes should be concentric with the thimble on the positioning cylinder;
4, release the emergency stop switch hands to press the start button, the lamination
5, lamination lamination, after conclusion of good parts taken out vertically upward;
6, the end of the device is running.

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