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  • Auto Stringers G2
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PV industry

The Photovoltaic industry

With concern for the global warming and the environmental and the rising demand of electricity, we focus on Photovoltaic industry who contributes to a better and cleaner world.
IMS will be the leading global supplier of high performance machinery for the tomorrows need.

We offer the PV-production industry all kind of machines or turnkey solutions. To mention a few, we design and build CTS (combined tapping and stripping machines) alone or implemented together with robot or pick and place layup systems. The solution can be custom build to “fit” special features and demands, or the solution can be offered as a standard solution to fulfil your basic need for a efficient production.
Design and construction of machines and turnkey solutions:
IMS has the best opportunity to develop and produce machines adjusted to the client’s needs, due to the fact of our international staff with special knowledge’s within the specific area.
Our focus is to produce high quality, and user friendly solutions. The machines are produced as a parallel process to keep a competitive price on the marked, and we make sure that the documentation of the project is on a very high level, from start to the end. Normally IMS use standard components from Europe, Taiwan and Japan, but if there is a special need from the customers, we are able to use other kind of components or brands.


  • PV industry Product View:

    • ☆  PV module production line    --Detail>>
    • ☆  EL Testing machine with 42,000,000pixels    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Auto Stringers G2    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Framing machine G1    --Detail>>
    • ☆  cell string lay up system    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Cells string laying machine    --Detail>>
    • ☆  PV Panel inspection machine    --Detail>>
    • ☆  EVA cutting machine    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Power trailer    --Detail>>
    • ☆  Solar Power station1    --Detail>>


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